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I’m frustrated

Premier Elements: horrible product

I am happy that I found out that Premier Elements does not work and that I saved wasting the money on this horrible product. I will stick with Windows Movie Maker. It's free, is understandable, and easy to operate from the get go. Please do not offer trial wear that is not fully functional! Claiming that it is when it is not tells the prospective buyer that the company is misleading or is overstating the products abilities!

You need to work on your DVD menu creation and make it work beyond a static screen. You need to make your DVD menu preview functional. You need to have an option to "pan and scan" All photos in the time line and let the user deselect pan and scan for individual photos.
  • I’m happy
    Deborah, I quite disagree with you that "Premier Elements does not work." I have used different versions of Premier Elements for years (starting with version 3.0) and have had great success with the program (here's an example of my work: Perhaps you just didn't invest the time required to learn how to properly use the program.....
    • Well I disagree there I have Adobe Premiere Elements 7 and made chapters to my graduation video for school with it and by the time i get to chapter like 8 in the movie and i play it the audio doesnt match the mouth so its off i had to buy adobe premiere Pro CS5 just to get what I wanted I love it but i still like adobe Premiere Elements I also have Adobe Premiere Elements 10 I'm waiting for 12 to come out so I can buy it but would like to see more done to software just wish they would take our advice more to improve the software for instants make it so i can play more than 30 sec on the main menu because you cant get main menu on a DVD 30 sec to sound perfect a Min would be better no song stops less 30 sec the curious i would do menu 1 minute be long enough no curious is longer then minute usually
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