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I’m frustrated

Photoshop CS6: problems with Photomerge script, tech support created a bigger mess

Photomerge does not work on CS6, and corrupted the CS5 version I have as well. Tried to resolve this issue with the "tech support" people, and after 4 and a half hours and 7 different people, the issue has not been resolved. I have re-installed the software 3 times already (lost all my preferences), and now I have it appearing twice in the Automate tab (so that is a glitch). Plus after listening to the advice from the "tech support professionals" my overall performance when using Photoshop has greatly decreased. They messed with settings on my computer during the computer-to-computer link. I get a pop-up dialog constantly for opening up anything in Photoshop now because they messed with my admin settings. This is very inconvenient and takes away greatly from my productivity. Also now everything takes extremely longer in Photoshop to do, most noticeably with opening Camera Raw. Not only did I waste 4 and half hours, but then I was told that they couldn't solve the problem and that they would send if off to the senior "tech support professionals". 2 days later they send me an email stating that I should re-install it (yet again, for a 4th time) to see if that fixes the problem. It hasn't worked the previous 3 time I re-installed it two days, it's not going to work now. This has been a horrible customer service experience. I have now lost 3 days of productivity. I want this issue resolved NOW by someone there who actually knows what they are doing or I want to be reimbursed for the software. I can upload an image of the error message as well if you need it.
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