I’m seething and frustrated

Photoshop: Please let us switch off the "bird's eye" feature

this could be a suggestion, but for now it's a problem that's driving me crazy : how do you turn off that damn "bird's eye view" option? It's activating when i hit the space bar at certain magnifications and jumps out and disorients me. it's so annoying it's not true. it may be a good tool when someone specifically requests to use it, but otherwise we should either have the option to disable it, or disable it for the Space bar only. Seriously, this "feature" makes me seethe, it totally ruins my productivity as i'm set working at a particular area/magnification then instead of being able to scroll w/ the Space bar as we always did, the view jumps out jarringly and sometimes seems to change the tool i'm working w/ too.

PLEASE, give us an option to disable it.
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