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Photoshop: Tool Preset enhancements

Currently when a tool preset is selected, it is highlighted in blue, fine. But if I tweak any setting (OR switch tools), it loses the highlight. It would be nice if the highlight changed to orange/red to show it's selected but currently modified. With the same feedback when switching between various tools (Brush, Smudge, Eraser, etc).

It would be nice if the currently selected preset name was displayed at the top of the tool presets in larger/bolder text.

Currently a right-click selects any given preset, if I altered a preset and it's orange/red for example, I could right-click that preset and choose "Update Preset" (so that it overwrites the current one).

It would be great if presets could be grouped (user definable) Pencil, Texture, Liquid, Dry, etc.
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