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Elements 10: Shutterfly photobook interface problems

I spent the better part of a year creating a large photobook for my daughter's graduation using Photoshop Elements in a landscape 8 by 11 format. The only option for a printing shop available via Photoshop Elements for this format is Shutterfly. When I finally went to upload, however, I found that the Photoshop/Shutterfly interface is very limited (e.g., no full picture cover avaliable; very limited choice for cover options; no choice of shipping, etc.). Also, the customer cannot see the upload on the screen after uploading, and it appears Shutterfly is sending me printed books based on a defective upload (2 pages cut off in the middle) within my order.

Are there any other options available to upload the photo book that will handle Photoshop format (I note that very few companies apparently carry the 8 by 11 landscape format). It is beginning to look to me like my only option is to scrap the Photoshop project and just redo it online with someone who will handle it properly.
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