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Photoshop: Very slow opening local files after opening any network files

All of the the files in question are c.200k jpg files.

If I open the file from my local disk, the file opens almost instantly.

If I open another file from a network drive, it takes approx 7-10 seconds to open the network file.

Opening subsequent local files now takes 7-10 seconds per file to open, despite the network file having been closed.

Clearing the prefs file resolves this, and allows local files to be opened quickly.... until I open another file from the network.

Win 7 64 Bit, fully patched and updated.
Photoshop CS5.5 (part of Master Collection) fully updated

Copying files to/from the network to my local disk is fast, network diags and speed tests show no speed/lag problems.

Why does photoshop get slow opening local files after it has "seen" a networked file?
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