Photoshop: CS6 Slow compared to CS5.1 with large files

PS CS6 has a lot of enhancements and great features. it launches very fast, and the control is very responsive and smooth.

although i am experiencing some speed issues with very large files. compared to CS5.1, where i don't have any of these issues.

the files are PSBs, 9000x8000px, 80+layers, RGB, 8bit

i have the same performance settings for both, cs6 and cs5
i am working on MAC PRO, 16GB ram, SSD scratch, 2TB raid, Radeon HD 5770, Snow Leopard.

the main issues i have are:

- no refresh when i move the curve on adjustment layer. the refresh comes after i let go.
- jagged pan
- extremely slow moving of layers and layer groups, even if they are with smaller dimensions (800x400pix)

again, working with files with less layers or smaller dimensions is very fast.

thanks for your help and support!
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