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Photoshop: CS5 cursor problem on Windows 8


I use a PC with Windows 8 x64 Enterprise on which I have installed Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended.

The problem is that the movement of the mouse for basic editing pictures is inaccurate. Cursor responds slowly, not copying the whole track mouse. Work is useless.

I tried it on my desktop and on my laptop and the problem was always the same. I would not rule out a problem in the mouse or mouse drivers because I use external mouse (Logitech G500) and a laptop touchpad and the problem is the same.

The problem with my previously used Windows 7 Professional x64 not appear. I therefore conclude that there is a compatibility problem with the Windows 8.

Do you register this problem? Going to an update that would solve the problem? Or support CS5 for Windows 8 already not going at all?
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