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I’m frustrated

Lightroom 4: PDF Save as function not working in Print Module

Save as PDF in the Print Module isn't working. I have tried it as many ways as I can think of and it worked only once out of 30 tries. Help!!!!

Hey All,

I am trying to create a PDF from the Print Module. I created a Contact Sheet Template which saved to Users Templates. It is a 5 x 5 image set with 50 images, so two pages. My boss asked if he could get a PDF of it. I said sure. I mean how hard could that be. It was always simple in Bridge. Lightroom 4 should handle it easy.
I went to the bottom left of the Print Module to Print Settings. The pop up window appeared and in the bottom left there is a drop down for PDF. I selected Save as PDF. The Save pop up window appears and I tell it to save to the desktop. I renamed the file and clicked save. Nothing. I was back to lightroom 4 and no PDF on the desktop. I tried it numerous times and only once did it finally work. I have no idea why. I though maybe there is a bug in the bottom left Print Settings button because when it did work I used File>Print Settings which brings me to all the same pop up windows. No matter what I did I couldn't get it to save a PDF.

Any help on this would be great. I'll need to be doing contact sheets like this for 100's if not thousands of images and it would really be convenient.


PS: I did download the 4.1 update hoping that was the issue.
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