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Lightroom: No preview of NEF in Import window (LR 3.4.1) from Ipad2 (on Win 7)

I have an issue with the import process of Lightroom 3.4.1.
So far, I was importing my Nikon D700 Raw nef file by reading CF through a USB connected Card reader. it was working well. Now, my CF content is first copied while in travell on an Ipad2. When I connect the ipad2 via apple cable to computer (win7 64bits) and try to import from ipad2, I haveno preview of images (the import will still work if lauched). If I look by Windows explorer and Ipad2 DCIM folder, I see a preview of each NEF file. Seem that LR cannot communicate well with Ipad2 for import preview ?
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