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I’m frustrated

Photoshop: how to add a separate file Image?


i have windows 7 home 64 bit & Ps CS6 extended

i have searched high & low for the answer to my question but i think i may not be asking it correctly in the faq's section.

so, i'm hoping someone here will help me. : )

Let's say I have an image open and I want to open an other one in order to combine the two images. How do i go about doing that?

eg: say i have a image of a balloon and an other of a little girl and i want to put the balloon image in the picture with the girl ...

in inkscape i just open a canvas > draw > then go to open > choose an image and boom it's right there on my canvas. but in Ps when i open a file it opens in it's own window or canvas.

i've tried everything on my own but just cannot seem to figure it out. i sure would appreciate your help more than you know. i've been reading through the "manual" or how to guide but haven't been able to pin point the answer i need.

Thank you Thank you sooooooooo much for your time. I'm feeling pretty frustrated b/c it seems like it should be simple enough to figure out on my own. errrrg.

Have a great day/night : )
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