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Photoshop: Ability to set and save multiple crops from a single image

I would like PS to let me utilize multiple cropping, just as the SELECT tool does with SHIFT key. "SAVE FOR WEB" allows to save only as a gif or jpeg format. However, I want to save as a tif format. Because I will not use those cropped pics for any web application, therefore "SAVE FOR WEB" command does not serve my purposes.

Consequently, my idea is about the possibility of any extension and/or development on the operation of CROP tool, which by using shift key, enables us with multiple choice option, just like the SELECT tool offers. Thus, I can crop a picture into several areas and then save them as tif format using BATCH or ACTION command at one time. Otherwise it takes a lot of time repeatedly to crop and save, crop and save, crop and save...

select areas that you want to crop

and enter
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