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Lightroom: LR 4 does not import photos to catalog, can anyone help please?

Using Mac OS X Mountain Lion: Lightroom 4 does not import to catalog nor does it display the photographs within Lightroom when importing, using the camera; a card reader; or just adding to the catalog from an external or internal hard drive(s). The software just copies the files (using the given name and location entered when initially attempting to import within Lightroom ) to the hard drive from whatever device/method used to import the photographs. While importing, the import status bar (top left) fills up slowly, yet no photographs appear within Lightroom. They are imported, though not to the catalog and thus do not display within Lightroom. The import status bar then hangs-up in the filled state and does not go away. When the "X" is pressed the import status bar disappears. After that if one is to prompt Lightroom for an import the import settings within the "File" menu become grayed out. After closing and relaunching Lightroom, the import settings within the "File" menu become visible again.
Will there be an update soon? and if there is can this issue be addressed?
Also is there a work around to this issue or a solution?

I can't import any of my images and I use this product for my career. This is a serious bug that needs to be zapped.

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