Photoshop: Latest CS4 update crashes Photoshop

Your recent update last week for CS4 causes the program to crash when you try to change the layer properties. You can't even close it, let alone save your work. The only way to close the program is to "control, alt, delete". I'm using Windows XP Pro. I even tried a "system restore", but that didn't work. I began having the problem immediately upon completion of updating.

I've had features stop working or work improperly after prior updates, but after the most recent update prior to this one, everything was working perfectly.

This is the worst because not only are you dead in the water if you forget and try to change the layers property, but you loose all you're work since the last save.

In order to change my layers properties I have to save to a jump drive, fire up my laptop and open the picture there, make my changes and re-save it to the jump drive, then load it back on the desktop. While I was changing the properties on the laptop the message for the update available popped up, which of course I declined. I need to have some way to change properties even if it is a hassle, but you do what you have to do to meet a deadline.
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