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Photoshop: It would be good if the roundrect vector tool corner radius was editable during and after drawing

Problem Description — Illustrator allows realtime tweaking of the corner radius of rounded rectangles while drawing, using the arrow keys. It’s brilliant and takes the guesswork out of drawing rounded rectangles. Drawing a roundrect in Photoshop is a trial and error affair, because you have to choose the corner radius prior to drawing.

This means it usually takes several attempts to draw a rounded rectangle, because you have to delete what you’ve done and start again each time. It’d be even better if the rounded rect’s corner radius remained editable after drawing. Allowing a different corner radius for each corner would be the icing on the cake. Given the current implementation of vector rounded rectangles in Photoshop, I’m not sure how it’d be possible to implement edibility without significant changes.

Workaround — Lots of trial and error, drawing and redrawing until the correct radius is achieved.
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