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Revel and Photoshop Elements: Is Photoshop.com supported in Elements 11?

Photoshop Elements Organizer 10 had a nice feature that would back up your catalog to photoshop.com, there were Group Albums, all sorts of cool features that I do not see supported in 11. What gives? Hopefully, I am just missing something obvious...


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  • Pattie, against my better judgment and based on your update of October 2013 above, I finally broke down and bought Photoshop Elements 12 last month. I have converted my PE11 catalog (a difficult process and one which apparently lost a lot of my album information which I've been painfully redoing), and I'm ready to have a workable online synced backup of my 74,000 image catalog again, as I had for several years very happily with Photoshop.com. My problem is that PE12 has apparently downloaded all my Revel catalog, duplicating my existing catalog (but not quite duplicating, since my Revel catalog is outdated because I haven't been able to keep it synced since Photoshop.com shut down). This has apparently given me duplicates of many, but not all of my pictures. How do I merge the existing up-to-date catalog in PE12 and the Revel catalog without losing images that were on Revel but somehow lost in the PE12 conversion and alternately not losing my images on my hard drive? I need my existing up-to-date catalog to be the primary, but I'm unwilling to have duplicates all over the place making yet another mess of what was once a well-organized catalog.
    • eeek, I will anxiously await a reply here, because I am about to do the same thing - I just bought PE 12, should arrive tomorrow, and I was going to upgrade my 11 and try to get back to syncing, but I too have thousands of pics up on Revel now, which are mostly duplicates of what I have on my hard drive, at least up until sync broke..so they are not all on Revel. I would have hoped it could just recognize the missing pieces and do the right thing. I wonder if I should just create a new adobe ID for this round, and have the old one for backup/compare/fallback... Also, do you use tags? I just checked my Revel migrated album, and I don't see any tags, but I might just not know how to look. The photos in my PE library on my PC definitely have tags..
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