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Photoshop: I like LUTs in CS6 and want more support in future versions

I just finished reading this article about 3D LUTs in Photoshop.
I found this article because I have been using LUTs and I would really like a tool for customizing LUTs. The article says that isn't possible within Photoshop, but if I want it, I should post a request here for it to be in a future version. Well, I want it, so I'm posting here. :-)

The LUT layers that do exist with Photoshop today are very useful. Is there any place on the web that has more .3DL files available for download so I can see if someone has already built a LUT that has the color adjustment I'm interested in?
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  • Chris Cox (Sr. Computer Scientist) October 14, 2012 20:57
    You can't really customize LUT files - they are a "baked in" form of transform. The whole point of the LUTs is that the result will remain the same across multiple applications.

    Yes, there are more 3DLUT files available on the web, some for free, some for sale. But there aren't a lot - they're mostly project specific files used by the film and video industries.
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  • Hm... then perhaps I am misunderstanding their use. As far as I can tell, they provide a mapping across a curve from one color palette to another color palette. What I was wanting to do is take the EdgyAmber.3DL that ships with Photoshop and adjust it so that it mapped to a brighter shade of yellow. Right now I've got a complex set of layers to get the effect I want, but all of them, essentially, reduce to a map of one color to another color, and I would have thought that would be easy to do if I had a graphical view of the LUT file. Is that a bad understanding?
    • Chris Cox (Sr. Computer Scientist) October 14, 2012 23:33
      For that you would create a new LUT, or use some (rare) tools to modify the existing one and save it as a new LUT.

      OR you want to turn your existing adjustments into a LUT -- which I've been working on (math is easy, all the UI and error conditions aren't).
    • Something like that. It isn't a high priority, but I found these to be quite useful for achieving certain effects quickly. At the moment, I'm giving these layers each a mask selected by color to achieve the same effect as mapping one set of colors one direction and another set of colors another direction. Worked well for the image I was working on tonight. Anyway, thanks for this new feature. G'night!
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