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Photoshop: How does the new Subscription License work with Creative Suite CS5.5?

I'm thinking about getting Photoshop and am wondering if getting the subscription license is the way to go. Can you point me at some information on Subscriptions?
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    Jeffrey Tranberry (Chief Customer Advocate) April 12, 2011 11:32
    From the Creative Suite 5.5 Subscription Editions page:

    How it works
    Subscription editions of Creative Suite software are just like regular Creative Suite products — they are installed on your computer and provide all the same features and functionality. Choose a one-year plan for lower payments or a flexible month-to-month plan you can stop and restart as needed. Either way, you'll have ongoing access to the latest version of your software at no extra charge as long as your subscription remains active.

    Who it's for

    • Customers of an older version of Creative Suite

    • Customers no longer eligible for upgrade pricing

    • Freelancers or owners of small businesses

    • Anyone who needs the flexibility of software on an as-needed basis

    • Plan options

    • One-year plan

    • The one-year plan offers lower monthly payments and requires a one-year commitment. This is the ideal plan for someone with an ongoing need to use Creative Suite software.

    Month-to-month plan
    The month-to-month plan provides the flexibility of a short-term commitment that allows you to stop and restart your subscription as your business needs change.

    Additional Details

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  • Does the monthly subscription count 30 days from the activation date, or 30 days of active use? For example, if I activated the month-to-month subscription for Photoshop CS5 on August 1st and only used the product for 15 days in August, would I be able to use it for 15 days in September before having to purchase another month?
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