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Photoshop CS6: How do I change the size of the font previews?

I would like to report a problem with the Photoshop CS6 interface. I run my software on a new iMac with a 3.4 GHz Intel Core 7, 16GB RAM and System 10.8.1. I would like to enlarge the font size in the drop down menu of the text module, because I need to be able and identify font characteristics in the Sample. By setting the UI interface font size to "Large", this does not happen: All other UI fonts change to large, but the font drop down within the text module remains small. I have tried to find a solution with an online representative, but we couldn't figure it out. I believe this to be a bug, since enlarging font samples worked in CS 5. The problem is independent of the machine that I use; it was also there on my previous computer.
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