Elements Organizer: How to disable Watch Folders

Tonight my Elements 8 Organizer started watched folders update and it took about 15 minutes and then the whole screen grayed out and a windows 7 message appeared saying the program was inoperative. I would like to disable watched folders but can't if I can't run Organizer
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    Watch Folders can be disabled by going to File > Watch Folders, then uncheck the "Watch Folders and their Sub-Folders for New Files", and/or select the folders that have been selected for watching and click the Remove button.

    You should be able to cancel a watch folder import, unless you previously set up the watch folder to upload automatically, without prompt.

    The watch folder setting is tied to the catalog itself, so uninstalling the application or resetting its preferences will not clear this issue. If you have setup up watch folders and the files it is trying to import are causing a crash, the only way to relieve this would be to move or rename the folder(s) so that the watch folder will not be found by the Organizer.
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