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I’m frustrated

Photoshop, Bridge: CREATE WEB GALLERY: add link to home page

I like the function to create a web gallery in Photoshop and Bridge. There is one very serious flaw for the page you create. ADOBE does not give you the option to link to a home page. It assumes that this is a complete stand alone website, not a gallery link from your main website. Once you look at this created gallery, your only option is to press the browser back button. Or, you can re-type the home of your website.

Where is the option for a link button? ADOBE creates a space to add the email address of the page owner. It needs one more input. to create a main home page link.

This is a serious flaw.

The HTML and XML are not so easy to modify in this case to add the button on your own.

Add a place for a link button and the web gallery create option would be perfect.

Does anyone have a good suggestion on how to add the home link button?

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