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Photoshop: Can't save new document as PNG after working with some image files

Some images Photoshop will not let me Save As PNG (and many other formats). This is not too bad; if I need to save in a different format I should be able to copy-paste into a new document. But if I create a new document after working with one of these images, I'm still limited on what formats I can save to, for no apparent reason.

In order to get access to the formats I want to save in, I have to open a file of a format in the longer list (I'll stick with PNG as an example), make it my new file, and Save As.

A new document should always have the longer list of format choices, since there is nothing in the document that should limit format choices. I believe it should be possible in all cases to Save As any format Photoshop has available to it, but if an existing file has issues that make this impossible, it should at least be possible to save a new file in any format.

Platform: Photoshop CS 5.5 running on Windows 7. I've also experienced this on CS 5.

I think the real problem has more to do with how Photoshop handles its format drop-down in the Save/Save As window - if the limited list gets loaded, the longer list doesn't always get loaded back in its place when it should be, or something like that.

If you need a sample image that causes this problem for testing, e-mail me. I'd be happy to provide one.
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