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Lightroom: Cannot open NEF file in photoshop from lightroom

When In Lightroom 3.3 and requesting to open a photo in CS5 I get either the open dialog or a different file (different photo,name,extension) or sometimes nothing at all.
I'm on a Mac pro, running 10.5.8, my lightroom library is in my picture library and all my photos on external drive (mercury). I've called lightroom support multiple times and after troubleshooting problem seems fixed but when I restart the computer it goes back to the problem.
I had an experience mac technician ( he is a full time Mac consultant and tech consultant for the LIMAC) check my computer and after 4 hours coulnd't figure out what could be interfering. We reinstalled Lightroom with updates, reinstalled CS5 with updates, updated camera raw, didn't install any third party plug-in back into photoshop.
Everything works fine until the computer is restarted.
I read on the forum "lightroom users" that somebody had exactly the same problem in February and wasn't able to find a solution.
The Adobe lightroom tech support made me trash preferences in both lightroom and photoshop, create a new catalog etc.
I have used Lightroom 2 and CS 4 with no issues for over two years, I regret upgrading to the newer versions.

I don't know what to try next........
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