Photoshop: Is there a way to batch Processing Nikon RAW Files to Multiple JPEG Sizes?

Dear High-Tech Support Superheroes

I take a lot of photos with my Nikon N3s, in RAW (.NEF) format, and I want to process them in Photoshop to include them in a database I am writing myself.

For each file, I would like to produce a full sized JPEG version, plus a standard series of smaller versions (so 2048x1363 pixels, 1024x681 pixels, etc.)

Ideally, I would preserve the base file names for the full-sized files, but add the pixel dimensions of the smaller sized files to their file names. So _DSC1234.RAW might get saved as _DSC1234 2048x1363.JPG.

Alternatively (but less preferably), each version could be saved to a subdirectory and the names would stay the same.

One other snag: I want the orientation of the photos to be respected when the smaller sizes are produced. That is, a smaller sized landscape photo might end up being named _DSC1234 2048x1363.JPG, but if the photo happened to be taken in portrait mode, it would be named (and sized!!!) _DSC1234 1363x2048.JPG.

Described like that, it sounds hellishly complex. But the goal in fact is quite simple:

Start with a .NEF file, and produce 4 different sized versions of it in JPEG format; give them meaningful names, and preserve the image size so both portrait and landscape versions of each photo size end up being the same size in terms of "square pixels" or "overall footprint?.

But did I mention automated processing? Ideally, I would point this process at a directory, and it would automatically chew through every file it found. Or even beyond my wildest dreams (you must realize, I don't get out too much), it would only touch those files that had a rating of 1 star or higher.

I am using CS4, but would upgrade if CS5 makes this process easier.

Any help, suggestions or pointers would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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