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Adobe Application Manager Updates Photoshop CS5 to Camera Raw 7.1

I don’t have PS CS6 installed on this computer,I still have Photoshop CS5 and now Lightroom 4.1 ...

It seems that CR7.1 is available for Photoshop CS5,

when I go to Bridge CS5 and select Update, it runs Adobe Application Manager -> Updates, and shows the CR7.1 update.

But states the following “Update to the Camera Raw plug-in that ships with Photoshop CS6. Adds raw support for new camera models.”

Is this as designed ? Should I install it ? I do not and never have had Photoshop CS6 installed on this computer.

Also I don't find CR7 installed on this computer. No betas were ever installed. It might have been a mistake to Install InDesign CS6 though.
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