People from Photoshop Family 213 employees are helping tens of thousands of customers

Official Reps

barry young
Senior Engineering Manager
Becky Sowada
Adobe Employee
David B
Official Rep
David Dobish
Senior QE Photoshop
Ian Parks
Official Rep
Jackie Lincoln-Owyang
Senior Photoshop Quality Engineering Manager
Jane Do
Official Rep
Jeff Sass
Official Rep
Jeffrey Tranberry
Chief Customer Advocate
Joel Baer
Official Rep
Julie Kmoch
Sr. Development Manager
Luke Rymarz
Official Rep
Mike Abbott
Company Admin
Mike Wallen
Official Rep
Official Rep
Pattie F.
Official Rep
Pete Green
Customer Advocate
Sara F
Official Rep
Slate FAQ
Official Rep
Stephen Nielson
Sr. Product Manager
Tier 3 support engineer
Tony Wu
Official Rep
Voice FAQ
Official Rep

Other Employees

Baichao Li
Lightroom Quality Engineer
Chenglong Ao
Bridge Quality Engineer
Chris Castleberry
Camera Raw Engineer
Chris Cox
Sr. Computer Scientist
Ellie Poley
Software Developer
Eric Chan
Camera Raw Engineer
Jingshu Li
Bridge Quality Engineer
John Cornicello
Adobe Community Manager
Kevin Hopps
Photoshop Engineer Since 2008
Mark Dahm
Product Manager
Mark Wheeler
Photoshop Content Lead
Paul Ferguson
Photoshop Engineering Manager
Richard Coencas
Senior Quality Engineer
Thomas L
Revel Quality Engineer
Tim Wright
Sr Computer Scientist
Tom Hogarty
Lightroom Product Manager
Tom McRae
Engineering Manager
Tom Ruark
Yali Lei
Quality Engineering Lead
Zorana Gee
Photoshop Product Manager